Better, Kinder Collection

"Building a Better, Kinder earth starts with building a better, kinder community."

Behind the Name

Brie and I first met about the collection in early February, pre-COVID, and during that morning the two of us shared dreams, passions, and ideas of where we could take our potential collaboration. In my notes, I had written down that before Brie was an artist, she studied sociology and had originally planned to become a therapist . During our conversation, she shared her dreams to bring more awareness to Mental Health through mindful art.

It was a few short weeks later when our businesses would be shifted by the Coronavirus and our priorities around the collection would change. Wanting to help our community in some way, we brainstormed ideas of how to do so.  

The idea of Better, Kinder came to me as I sat in my home, which I consider a safe retreat, and looked over the ideas and sketches created by Brie thinking of how grateful I was to be in a position where I could feel safe in my home. Personally, having a passion for bringing awareness to domestic violence, I discussed with Brie the idea to give back to The Family Place and she quickly agreed to the idea.

Building a Better, Kinder earth starts with building a better, kinder community. Offering what resources you have is a great place to start when looking to give back. It’s as simple as lending time to a family in need, making a monetary donation to a local organization that can make a change, or even through the act of teaching others how to create mindful art.

We launch the collection on Earth Day in hopes to inspire you to create a better, kinder world.

- Chelsea, Owner of Kalōn

Behind the Artist

Brie Milam is an artist, painter, jewelry designer, and teacher creating unique artwork and teaching virtual workshops from her home studio in Dallas, TX. Her work is filled with expressive and minimalist abstract pieces, illustrations, and artwork inspired by nature. She began designing jewelry in 2019 out of a desire to create playful, organic, wearable art suited for bold, creative women like herself. 

"Brie's passion to produce art that is as meaningful as is beautiful is what initially captured my attention to the artist. This is why I was so excited to work along side someone as heartfelt as Brie, to launch such significant collection, as this will be the first time Kalōn will be donating to a non-profit.  - Chelsea"

Behind the Designs

Each set of earrings has been handmade by Brie, making each pair unique in appearance.

“Inspired by natural and architectural shapes, each piece is always uniquely designed and carefully handmade for the bold, inspiring, and creative woman. - Brie”

Made from a lightweight clay, earrings are light enough for all day everyday wear. The colors used were inspired both by the patterns of nature and Kalōn's New Bloom collection.

Donation Details 

Starting today through May 12th, all proceeds made from the Better, Kinder Collection will be donated to The Family Place of Dallas, Texas.