How-to Organize + Edit Your Wardrobe

We hope you have fun when working through this how-to, it is important to remember to always do what works best for you, our blog articles are always a suggestion and created with intention to inspire you. - Chelsea
Things to keep in mind before working through our closet edit…
  • Keep it simple
  • Stay organized
  • Do what works best for you

Getting started

1) Outline goals and rules, some examples may include:
    • "I want to organize my closet so that I better see all the styles I own."
    • "I’d like to edit down the items that I wear least in my closet to be able to donate them, give them to a friend, or repurpose."

*TIP FOR DOWNSIZING: Create a weekly outline of your schedule to help you understand what clothing is used most.      

2) Create a mood board or visual that represents your end goal. This vision could be a bullet point list, Pinterest board, paper collage, anything that gives you a visual representation to help you connect to your end goal. Use this time to get inspired but remember our #3 rule – do what works best for you!


STEP 1: Section by Section - Start by sectioning off your wardrobe, maybe you have a dresser and a closet, or maybe you just have a closet, start by dividing these areas in your mind. By combing through as sections, you can keep a cleaner space for organizing during the process. 

*DON'T FORGET: If you keep off-season items in extra storage don’t forget to pull those items out for organizing when you start the organization process!

STEP 2: Go by Category – Next remove all items by category to sort.

*TIP FOR MULTIPLES - Edit down by keeping items in this priority: First, how often you grab one over the other. Next, observe quality. Lastly, look at the color, I usually say keep a neutral over the bright prints and patterns.

Step 3: Create piles – While sorting, organize your choices by piles before returning to the closet. Dive piles into three categories keep, donate/give away or repurpose. I find it easier to combine the donate/giveaway bin then go back through later. Remember to be honest with yourself. If you don’t see yourself repurposing an item try to donate it or give it to a friend who has complemented it in the past.

Step 4: Put away – When putting away the kept items try to organize by category followed by length. This will help you to see your assortment better.

Step 5: Keeping Organized – Don’t fall back into old habits, now that your wardrobe is organized, drop off the donate pile and repurpose the items you set aside. 

*READY TO HIT REFRESH? Give older items new life by taking them to the cleaners for a new wash or steam them to remove closet wrinkles. Making them feel fresh and new again.

We want to know if this helped you? Send us pictures of your updated and organized closet. Have feedback? We want to know it, send us an email with what worked what didn’t.

Blog part two - A balanced wardrobe, coming soon.