It is our mission to curate quality modern clothing based on versatility and comfort.
We curate each style by reviewing the following categories: fabric, fit, and function.


By examining the texture, laundry instructions, and purpose of the fabric we are better able to determine the quality of the garment. We strive for comfort, durability, and easy garment care. 

Garment care is important for the life of the garment. Below are our suggestions for garment care by fabric. Please note, we always encourage you to check the tag on the inside of the garment for exact care instructions.

02 FIT

Believing that style and comfort can coexist, we seek garments that aid women's fast-paced lifestyles. We source clothing that offers easy wear, effortless style, and comfort.

Each brand we carry runs a bit differently, we have offered suggestions for sizing on each products page and suggestions for when you might be in a toss-up between sizing. 

If you still have questions about what size to select in a garment, please send a note to with your measurements! We are happy to help find you the perfect fit. 


When selecting a new pair of denim we like to recommend starting by determining the length and rise desired. Here we show each styles inseam in comparison to the inseam (length) of the style.

For gals looking for a specific length we have created a chart that shows each style offered by the inseam.



To curate styles that fit seamlessly into your closet, we evaluate function in two parts - assortment in the wardrobe and design.


Operating around the idea of creating a balanced wardrobe we source styles that blend seamlessly into the following categories: finishing touches, seasonal staples, occasion wear, workwear, casual, and closet essentials.


We look for thoughtful design details and fabrics that can carry the wardrobe through those tricky to dress seasons. Sometimes function can also be found in the details. Below shows our garment grading system, we strive to have each garment equal to five or more points.