The Meaning

Kalōn (n.) greek: moral beauty

Kalōn is a feeling, a mood, a sense of self. It's about feeling beautiful in your own skin and loving yourself.

We believe that clothes curated based on quality and intention can aid you to feel like your best self.


How You're Wearing It

How We Curate


By examining the texture, laundry instructions, and purpose of the fabric we are better able to determine the quality of the garment. We strive for comfort, durability, and easy garment care. 

How We Curate


Believing that style and comfort can coexist, we seek garments that aid women's fast-paced lifestyles. We source clothing that offers easy wear, effortless style, and comfort.

How We Curate


To curate styles that fit seamlessly into your closet, we evaluate function in two parts, assortment in the wardrobe and design.