Spring I + II Lookbook

Letter from Chelsea
Spring is such a magical time of year. You watch color appear from thin air, new growth rise up from the soil, and one can’t help but feel its welcome for new beginnings and exploration. Following the demand of last years color palette featured in Sherbet Sunsets I wanted to invoke the same sense of inspiration. It seamed that the color brought not only hope to us after a year of unknown but also a sense of self through some of the more vibrant shades. In a world where many follow the trend of a ‘curated life’ I can’t help but believe there is still a longing for pops of color. I hope that through these hues you find the inspiration and excitement that comes from within. I hope you enjoy this spring seasons color journey as much as I do, and I hope through this collection you can find which color evokes your #kalonmood.
🧡 Chelsea