The Ultimate Closet Staple - Wooden Ship Knits

At Kalōn we love our Wooden Ships knits so much so we wanted to create a blog sharing all the reasons why.

1. The quality is there! I've personally owned my first WS sweater for 5 years now. With delicate garment care, these sweaters can easily be steamed or machine washed on delicate (I even toss mine into a garment bag when it goes into the wash).

2. Easy sizing - what does that mean? These garments run Small/Medium, Medium/Large making for easier sizing, especially for those who might typically be in-between. We carry both small/medium and medium/large which we compare to the following sizes.

3. Great silhouettes, they come in so many styles. Cropped, Boyfriend, and Slouchy. 

4. No waste - all pieces are made to order. Which is why when we run out - we run out. No need for extra's laying around here and there. (To be honest, we are excited that the events of this year have encouraged so many of our other vendors to become more aware of their manufacturing practices and in turn has sparked change.)

5. Fabric blends are unbeatable - at-least I haven't found a knit line yet that compares to the blends created by WS. Because you can't feel through the computer we made a little graphic below to compare each blend to each other. Moving forward we will be adding which weight level each of these are under the texture section of the product page.

Below: from lightest weight to heaviest we will carry in the shop.

6. Family-owned and family-operated. Colombian-born designer Paola Buendia and co-owner Mark Donovan met as undergraduates at Harvard. Spurred by a four-month backpacking trip to Bali, they founded Wooden Ships in NYC in 1992, two years after graduation. 

7. We love their colors! I mean look at these hues, do you spot a color you might remember? 

 8. All year wear. Pair with shorts, jeans, cargo' name it...we can style it. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and every Summer you can anticipate the hot outdoor climate and the freezing indoors. I manage the high and lows by wearing the cotton blend WS knits with shorts. Makes for running errands a little less sweat than freeze.

9. They care about their Carbon Footprint. The company is 85% solar-powered, they recycle all paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metal. They even donate all yarn wastage to be reused locally for stuffing in pillow dolls. *1

10. Lastly, packaging - as many know this is a huge problem in the fashion industry. Wooden Ships uses eco-friendly oxo-degradable plastic bags to ship their products. *2

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