Kalōn Mood Series

A series to get to know the women sharing their everyday #kalonmood through purposeful action, thoughtful daily decisions, and acts of kindness.
Our first guest, is Lauren Taylor, a kind spirit who is more than the labels of model, IG-influencer, and aspiring novelist, Lauren is a self-love advocate, Disney lover, and the epitome of #kalonmood. I met Lauren through Instagram in January of 2020 (pre-pandemic) while she was hosting one of her famous dance parties and instantly fell in love with her contagious smile and laughter. Months later Lauren and I connected to bring new life to the pages of our store, you’ll see her sweet smile a few times within the shop.
Our missions of helping women feel beautiful in their own skin undeniably aligns with Lauren’s purpose of sharing self-love. It is my hope that by sharing Lauren’s story, as well as the stories to come, they can inspire you to reflect on your own sense of #kalonmood.
Now let's meet Lauren…

Q: Growing up who was your fashion inspiration? 

 Growing up, my fashion inspiration was Lizzie McGuire. I always thought she had the coolest outfits and I loved how laid back her style was, while still being fun and showcasing her personality. Specifically, when she went to Italy; I dreamt of Lizzie’s outfits! Now, I’m obsessed with the iconic style of Zendaya, Trace Ellis Ross, Emma Watson, and SO many other women who are embracing themselves in their style. Each piece they wear shows a spark of their personality and it just makes me happy and inspired! 


Q: Everything in the shop is curated based on fabric, fit, and function to create the ultimate selection of intentional wardrobe pieces.

When you think about your favorite outfit what pieces come to mind and why?

 Oh, that’s easy! COMFY – all day, err day. I love a feel-good, oversized crew sweater paired with high-waisted jeans that makes my bum look so ding-dang great! Or, I love a maxi dress with cute booties or tennis shoes. I’m always on the go, so I adore pieces that I can just throw on effortlessly but it still looks like I tried. I want to be able to feel good in everything I wear because it makes me feel confident… and is there a better look than that?! 


Q: What was your favorite outfit/look from the shoot and why?

 I literally loved every single look from the shoot… but since I have to choose a favorite, it would be the Dawson Midi Dress. It’s the ultimate “let’s dance in a field of flowers” dress. It’s no secret that I’m always down for a solo dance party and I can’t get over the beautiful fit of the dress and how comfortable it was. The Dawson Midi Dress made me feel confident and ready to conquer the world. 


Q: Kalōn is a Greek word meaning moral beauty. When do you feel like your most Kalōn self?

 When I’m inspiring others and helping them feel more confident in themselves. And, of course, anytime I’m blasting Beyonce or Lizzo, dancing around my living room, or practicing any form of self-love that fills my soul. 


Q: When we first connected you shared with me your mission to advocate for self-love through your Instagram. Can you share ways that you connect with your viewers through a platform that is often highly filtered? 

 Keeping my photos untouched is really important to me. I want my community to see the REAL me so that they’re inspired to show up as their true self as well. Another way I connect with my community are through conversations on the ‘gram. I love that we all feel like friends and family. After working hard for so many years to build a community, it’s amazing to have all these people rallying their support and showering kindness. I’m so grateful for it and, in a way, it makes being vulnerable worth it.


Q: Where can our guest connect with you? 

 On the ‘gram @laurenwtaylor and over on my YouTube channel youtube.com/laurentayloryt