Introducing Kalōn Girlfriend

Same name just a little plus. Introducing - Kalōn Girlfriend. This one’s for all my girlfriends that have been so patient and helped me to expand and curate Kalōn’s new extended sizing product line. 

Introducing Kalōn Girlfriend, our new line of extended sizing offerings. Truly a line inspired by growth, evolution and expansion.

As we quickly approach the anniversary of our shop opening I knew no better time to take the leap to evolve then now.

Much has changed since we launched in the Fall of 2019. Many of our community members experienced growth, evolution, and expansion during the last year and we felt the shop equally needed to do so. Whether your journey was about self evolution, expanding your family, body changes we hope that Kalōn will be able to serve you no matter what part of the journey you are on.

Our wish for this new girlfriend collection is to evolve our brand and grow our community of thoughtful and intentional shoppers.

Though small we are might. By starting with a smaller more petite assortment we will be able to learn and listen to our girlfriends feedback as we grow the line. These first styes launching will always be held near and dear to my heart.

Girlfriends, I hope you find joy and your #kalonmood within our new line.

🧡 Chelsea

launching 9/23/21