Fitting for Denim

Step 1 - Know YOUR measurments

*Pro-tip: Measuring is typically easier with a friend so grab your gal pal, a soft measuring tape, and a glass of wine! 

WAIST - Each product page will give the rise of the style, using this number measure up your body and then around. 

Here’s how to measure: Keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor; start at the hip bone and wrap the tape all the way around your body. 

We’ve also included the official DL1961 size chart for an easy at a glance look.

INSEAM - the length between the crotch to the hem of the pant

Here’s how to measure: Measure your best-fitting pants from the seam at the crotch to the hem. Or to see how a particular pant length would compare you your height you can cut a string and hang it from the crotch to your hemline.

Rise, another measurement that can come in handy. The rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. When looking at a novelty jean like a high-rise or a extra low-rise this number can help you to know where the pant will sit.

Step 2 - Understanding the fabric hand

FABRIC HAND - refers to the feel and give of the fabric. You can find the fabric percentages of each style on our product pages. We love DL1961 because they use premium and botanic fibers that are woven in-house to create high retention fabrics for better fitting jeans.*1 Which is why we love their trademarked Instasculpt fabric. 

Below we compare each styles fabrics stretch to the level of stretch a yoga pant provides. You can see that the Instasculpt material provides the comfort of a yoga pant but the crisp look of a true denim. 

*Pro-tip: The more spandex in the blend the stretchier!

Step 3 - Have FUN with exploring different styles

Now knowing and understanding how to use your numbers, explore new styles based on what works for you! No need to follow a trend if it doesn't feel right.

Oh, and don't forget with each denim purchase you receive free shipping and one free return or exchange! So have fun with it! 

We’ve made a few charts for you to use at a glance to compare the styles we are currently carrying and love.


*Pro-tip: You can always reach out to a Kalōn team member via DM or email to chat with to help in selecting the perfect pair of denim!  

The advice in this article has been catered to fitting for the bottoms carried by Kalōn.
*1 - DL 1961.